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“Stay Home Policy” In Full Effect!!

Under no circumstances are guests to enter If any of the following apply:

-Experiencing ANY cold/flu like symptoms
-Have travelled and have not completed the 14 day isolation
( YES, this includes having or allowing close contacts with other person’s isolating In your home or whom have travelled)
-Are: coughing/sneezing/fever/diarrhea/nausea or vomiting 


Take out Is available for these situations, and we would be more than happy to assist you with that.

*All guests entering must sanitize and sign In the guest book at the entrance. 
*All guests must wait at entrance to be seated, and all take outs must wait for direction from a server to continue to the front counter space. We do ask that one person come up to make the payments as we are trying to eliminate line ups.
*All guests must follow the 6 feet/2 metre rule, the stickers on the floor will help with this process.
*As of july 31st, masks have been provincially mandated. All those wearing a mask can remove once seated, we ask you re-apply your face coverings if you are leaving your table for dessert/ ice cream selections, viewing paintings and going to the washroom.
(Although we are on board with this, those who cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons, are still welcome in our establishment!)
*All guests who are considered compromised immune, please make us aware as we can seat you away from other visitors and dedicate one person to all your dine in needs.
*For your safety, we have modified our dining space by separating our tables 6 feet and installing dividers in the middle of our booths. *Picnic table dining is considered take out service. We kindly ask that all person’s let us know when you are leaving so our staff can sanitize your space for other visitors.

We want to ensure all guests that all staff are up to date and cohering with all the new guidelines. Your safety is considered top priority


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